Super Retro World Mod Apk : Pixel Art Maker

Unknown malware💀 “blocked” the peaceful retro world🌍.
It trapped everything cute in colorless bricks!

Super Retro World Mod Apk : Pixel Art Maker

As an commander of 8-bit army,
you have to crush wall of grey and free the trapped world🌍.

Fortunately, your brave wrecking crew is safe and waiting for the move.
Tap to dispatch them to save the world🌍!
Encourage them with your tap power📱, so they can smash all bricks faster!
Upgrade them to increase their number!
Break the jealous malware’s💀 ambition and save the day!

8-bit Hammer🔨-Throwing Madness is here, enjoy!

※ Features
🔨Upgrade ! : Hire more workers, and increase their ability.
🔨100% Retro : Appreciate 8-bit style pixel arts!
🔨Collecting : Meet the changing story of Retro World through the saved pixel arts.
🔨Customize : Tired of hammers? you can change it for energy bolt or another cool projectiles!
🔨Costumes : We are preparing various costumes can make your crew look special!
🔨Find secrets : Get hidden treasures and equipment in the retro world!
🔨No payment pressure: It’s literally FREE to Play!

※ No WiFi needed : Earn money at anywhere, anytime!
※ Stress-free idle game : The crew keep wrecking bricks even while you only stare!COLLAPSE

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