Unusual Pizza Topping That's Gained A Cult Following

One can never have too much pizza. The ideal snack or dinner combines the soft (or crunchy) crust with an acidic tomato sauce base, gooey melted cheese, and a sprinkling of oregano or basil.

Call it a plan by serving it with a crisp salad, a glass of wine, or a lively group of friends. A fantastic Italian food symbol and a global phenomenon, pizza has gained popularity in recent years.

a necessity in every American home. Pizzas are available in all price ranges, for all ages, and for all dietary preferences.

But this is where the argument begins. While some people have a steadfast opinion that pineapple shouldn't be used on pizza, others love this sour fruit as a topping.

The Washington Post believes that a popular American ingredient will soon overtake the majority of these toppings as the most popular pizza topping.

According to the Department of Agriculture, Americans eat 8.5 pounds of this every year. It is unique, salty, tangy, and even sour (via Mental Floss). Greetings from pickle pizza.

It first appeared as a traditional pizza with an acidic touch during regional state fairs. Now, several pizzerias across the nation use it as a topping.

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