The Top McDonald's Menu Items of All Time


French fries:The fact that these delectable golden slices are the all-time bestseller is certainly not a surprise.

Big Mac:-This one had to be among the top choices, you knew. The burger creation, which bears the name of the franchise, is ringed by sesame seeds and topped with special sauce.


Snack Wraps:-McDonald's excels in providing food on the go, and Snack Wraps are designed specifically for this use. Lacking the desire or time for a full meal?


Happy Meal:-Thanks to a variety of factors, including the PlayPlaces in many McDonald's restaurants and the fact that McDonald's is the largest toy distributor in the world,


Egg McMuffin:-As the first breakfast item ever sold by a fast food chain, the Egg McMuffin changed fast food.


For McDonald's, apples are a major issue for everything from snacks to dessert. The 1992 invention of baked apple pie has gained significant notoriety due to its extremely low cost.


Chicken nuggets/Select Strips:-McDonald's may be most known for its hamburgers and fries, but chicken still reigns supreme.