Thai YouTuber Nutty flees after allegedly scamming US$55 million from fans

A Thai YouTuber who reportedly defrauded thousands of fans out of over $55 million is in serious water.

Through largely dancing videos, Natthamon Khongchak, often known as "Nutty," has amassed a sizable following of over 847,000 viewers on YouTube.

Over 6,000 people reportedly donated Natthamon money to invest after being promised profits of up to 35% if they transferred through cash, according to local media reports.

It didn't proceed as planned, which surprised the audience. Natthamon announced on her Instagram page in May that she owes investors 1 billion baht ($27 million).

Online user Natthamon Khongchak, also known as "Nutty," allegedly urged followers to fund a course in foreign exchange trading.

102 persons have complained to the authorities, claiming they lost $820,000.

Given that Natthamon has not been seen on her social media accounts since June

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