Subway favorites Items may return

When Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca opened the first Subway restaurant more than 50 years ago, they established some guiding beliefs and principles.

These included giving outstanding customer service, offering the best food at reasonable pricing, and keeping things getting better (via Subway History)

Most people know Subway for its made-to-order sandwiches on home-baked bread.

Now, there are rumours that Subway might bring back a preferred menu item that isn't a sub: pizza. Although the mysterious Subway pizza sub, which was offered at one point in Subway's history, is still available

Currently, you can only order it from the alleged "hidden menu," claims Business Insider. Reddit commenters claim that this new product is actually legitimate pizza, though.

On August 24, 2022, a user who claims to work at Subway uploaded a picture of a box of frozen pizza bases bearing the label Could Subway pizza be coming back to stores?

Subway - Round Cheese Pizza" and said, "Yay, my location received these back!"

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