She-Hulk Makes Fun of Edward Norton's Incredible Hulk Recasting

It makes sense because many performers experience schedule issues, particularly with popular franchises. Some, meanwhile, are embroiled in even more controversy

like in the case of Terrence Howard, who was apparently having pay problems for his War Machine part and had to be replaced by Don Cheadle.

But Ed Norton's replacement by Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner is certainly the most noticeable casting change. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law did able to make light of the matter a little bit,

even while Marvel Studios has made an effort to avoid mentioning anything related to this topic in their Multiverse,

especially given that Universal Pictures still maintains the distribution rights to Hulk solo movies.

Jen Walters had to phone Bruce to inform him that she was starting a new work with a law firm rather than being pressured by her domineering cousin to become a superhero.

Man is torn in half by an elephant after being forced to labour in sweltering heat.

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