SEC Player Suspended After Unsettling News !!!

 Tennessee Volunteers linebacker William Rohan was arrested over the weekend for domestic violence. 

 Knoxville police report:When the victim declined, Mohan allegedly called her unpleasant names.

Mohan grew upset, grabbed the victim's face, and choked her, the complaint said. The woman said authorities Mohan choked her by dragging her towards him.

 The woman told police she shouted, escaped Mohan's clutches, and asked him to go. According to the story, he refused, so the victim grabbed a knife. 

 The victim urged Mohan to go when she reappeared with a knife. Mohan grabbed her neck and removed the knife, according to the complaint. 

 According to the allegation, one of the victim's roommates then urged Mohan to leave. The victim said authorities Mohan left, but then resumed phoning and knocking again. 

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