Mega Millions winner has yet to claim $1.3 billion prize

As of Thursday, a Mega Millions jackpot won in July remained unclaimed, according to an Illinois Lottery spokesperson.

If the winner doesn’t claim the jackpot by Sept. 27 — 60 days after the July 29 drawing — the prize will default to the annuity option.

The one-time reduced lump-sum option — which is what most jackpot winners choose — for this $1.34 billion windfall is $780.5 million.

In Illinois, where the winning ticket was sold, Mega Millions winners get a year to claim their windfall if they want to receive it as an annuity spread over three decades

But they only get 60 days if they would rather take the prize as an upfront, reduced lump sum, according to the Illinois Lottery. 

As of Thursday, the jackpot remained unclaimed, according to Illinois Lottery spokesperson Meghan Powers.

The lump-sum, cash option — which most winners of big lottery jackpots choose — for this $1.34 billion prize is $780.5 million.

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