Mayor urges residents to flee ahead of rising river waters in Mississippi

On Saturday, the mayor of the largest city in Mississippi encouraged citizens to "get out now" as two days of record-breaking rain threaten to flood streets and seep into houses.

Due to the rain, authorities had previously forecast that the Pearl River in Mississippi would crest at 36 feet and reach its highest point by Tuesday.

However, the river is now anticipated to do so late Sunday into Monday night before gradually falling.

At 26 feet, a flood level is deemed "significant" in the city. Numerous additional streets in downtown Jackson will flood at 34 feet,

according to the most recent flood warning, and at 35.8 feet, water would be dangerously near to invading residences in Northeast Jackson.

As many as 150 homes are anticipated to be impacted by the flooding, Lumumba said on Saturday. "We are anticipating waters to begin to reach areas as early as Sunday evening."

Due to the rising river waters, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves issued a state of emergency on Saturday and urged the populace to maintain calm.

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