George the Chipmunk Goes Viral On Internet

I'm going to share with you a fascinating tale of George, a chipmunk, that is now trending on social media.

This pandemic caused a lot of problems for many families. Some people lost their jobs and developed mental illnesses as a result of the pandemic.

However, some people used this as an opportunity to express their creativity online by doing crazy things because they now had plenty of free time as a result of the pandemic.

And this article is about Jack, a 14-year-old from Cranberry, and his mother utilising the TikTok app to make their epidemic fascinating and entertaining with their pet chipmunk George

 For many individuals, this software is useless, but for Jack's family, it offers great hope and a simple platform for them to express their creativity.

George is a chipmunk, and Jack began feeding chipmunks a few years ago when they were at home and idle due to the pandemic

At first, George the chipmunk was hesitant to approach Jack. However, after a few days, he began chirping for seeds and waiting for Jack at his door. Once they learned that George loved seeds, Jack had a plan in mind.

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