Everyone's Making The Same Joke About Brian Kelly Tonight

During his first night in charge of LSU, Brian Kelly has been a hot subject on social media.

As Kelly's Tigers continue to struggle against Florida State, many things have been said about him,

but one of the most frequently brought up subjects is his infamous Southern "accent" from before he was hired last December.

For whatever it's worth, Kelly's "accent" has been the subject of numerous jokes because it appears to have "disappeared."

Midway through the fourth quarter in New Orleans, Florida State just scored another touchdown to increase its lead to 24-10.

Kelly will have a lot more to be concerned about if this outcome holds true—and it would be a shocking turn of events to see LSU come back.

Of course, his job is safe, but a defeat tonight would mean Kelly's time in Baton Rouge would begin with a lot of irate supporters.

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