Drug smugglers hid $106 million of crystal meth and cocaine in a sleek vintage Bentley

According to police, $106 million worth of hard drugs were smuggled into Australia using a 1960 Bentley that was brought.

The vintage car had 161 kilogrammes of crystal meth (methamphetamine)

and 30 kg of cocaine when it landed at Port Botany, Sydney, New South Wales, via sea cargo earlier this month.

The cocaine was found after the car had been largely disassembled, and the x-rays had shown crystal meth concealed behind the headlights.

Police swooped in and apprehended two males, aged 22 and 23, as they started to strip the luxurious British-built car in the carport.

2.2kg of crystal meth and more than $758,000 in cash were found inside the car.

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