SnoreLogs Mod Apk : Log Your Snores

With SnoreLogs you can not only check if you snore or sleep talk but also find out your snoring pattern too. The app records multiple six second clips of snores or talk for the session, positive cases only. However, some false positive cases do get recorded. After the session ends one can get multiple clips, which could be true positives or false positives.

If the number of such audio clips is more than 24, then you can validate the session to get the true positive rate for the session. After validating few such sessions, you can infer if this non medical app works for you or not! If the app works for you …. congratulations!, use it along with your anti snoring interventions / remedies to monitor your progress.


SnoreLogs Mod Apk : Log Your Snores


Records select noises (snores, talk and others ) while you sleep
AI based snore and talk detection technology
Records multiple six second audio clips based on positive selection
Validate the effectiveness of the app for your personal use
Find the pattern of snoring in terms of time lines
Know the loudness and time of snoring for each clip
Relabel a clip (snore, talk, misc)
Set tracks as favorites for ease of finding and playing them back to your doctor or friends
Delete entire sessions to manage space on phone
Edge computing
Easy to use, No complicated settings
App automatically switches off on low battery
No ads
App values your time. One get’s a fair idea about their snoring pattern by just validating few clips
App values your privacy. No sharing or backups of audio files or any other session data

How to use

  • Ensure the phone is fully charged (App switches off on low battery)
  • Set the session length between two to six hours (The only setting)
  • Start the session (White button on bottom left should turn green)
  • Place the phone next to your bed, face down (Away from electric or magnetic fields)
  • Recording stops after the session time elapses (or on low battery)
  • Go to sessions list, tap on the latest session (Top most on the list) to view session statistics
  • From session statistics click on the player to validate session / hear clips
  • Hear the recordings (Adjust the audio volume!)
  • Validate the session to know if the app works for you
  • Use it along with anti snoring interventions / remedies to monitor your progress
  • Set favorites for ease of playing them back to your doctor/spouse or friends
  • At regular intervals delete sessions to create space on your phoneCOLLAPSE


Bug fixes
Better navigation within the app
Improved validation process

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