Plague Defender Mod Apk – Multiplayer

Only you can save the world from this deadly disease!

Fight the virus with a wide range of immune cells and defeat your opponents!
Co-operate with other players to save humanity from the virus!

Plague Defender Mod Apk – Multiplayer

– Win PvP matches to become the world’s best disease expert!
Aggressively attack the virus, or hold your line and defend it till the end! Take on opponents with your unique strategy!

– Team up with other players to fight the incoming virus and save lives!
The more people you save, the more cells you will get!
Get more cells to build a stronger immune system.

– Combine different immune cells as you want to create your own customized strategy.

– Cells with identical types and levels can be fused to create stronger cells.
Keep in mind that fusing cells can randomly change their types!

– Play with your friends! Meet players from all over the globe!

Are you ready to fight the virus and save humanity? Let’s go!

* Internet connection is required to play this game.

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