OCTA GONE Pro Mod Apk: Minimal Direction Dodge Game

OCTA – GONE: Minimal Direction Dodge Game

OCTA GONE: Minimal Direction Dodger is a simple game in which a player has to dodge the shrinking octagons by facing one of its open sides. Initially, the game starts slow but the difficulty progressively increases and the response time, as well as the reaction of the user, are inherently improved.

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OCTA – GONE Mod apk Minimal Direction Dodge Game

PLAYER: The player is a small triangle circling around the void at the center which tries to avoid collision with the octagons.

CONTROLS: Clicking on right or left side of the screen will rotate the player clockwise or anticlockwise.

SCORE: Every second of survival, one point is awarded to the player. Try to beat your own best high score to improve your skills.

STORE: Based on your high score, you can unlock different colors representing your rank for the background. If you have unlocked Red, you are a God.

I created this game to have a learning experience. I can certainly add more updates and features in case it is requested by users. In case you have some suggestions or queries, contact me at [email protected]

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