Lentiamo – UK Contacts & Glasses Apk Download

Lentiamo UK Contacts & Glasses Apk: Order contact lenses and glasses by renowned brands at the most convenient price. Free delivery of sunglasses and glasses!

Daily Contact Lenses
As you can probably guess by their name, these contacts are worn for one day only, afterwards, you simply take them out and throw them away. Their biggest advantage is that they are really gentle to your eyes. Why?

Lentiamo – UK Contacts & Glasses Apk Download

Because you don’t have to worry about all the debris that builds up on them throughout the day – you simply get rid of them in the evening and start fresh the next day.

Daily contacts are thus a great solution for people with allergies or sensitive eyes. We also recommend this type if you are planning holidays by the sea, especially if you are going to go scuba diving. They will help you to eliminate the risk of an infection or hurting your eyes.

They are of course also suitable for sport or events that don’t allow for glasses. An added bonus is that you don’t have to carry solution and a case everywhere you go

2 Weekly Contact Lenses
These contact lenses are worn for 14 days and left in a solution overnight. They are suitable for both regular and an occasional use.

Their biggest advantage is that you don’t have to buy a big supply of contacts at once and they also cost less

Monthly and Quarterly Contact Lenses
With contact lenses intended for extended usage, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s in­structions closely. You can either wear them during the day and put them in a solution overnight or you can wear them permanently, depending on the intended usage period.

If you still can’t choose from all the above-mentioned options, maybe so-called flexible contacts will be the ones for you.

They are designed to feel comfortable on the eye even when you sometimes forget to take them out at night. This type of contact lens is, of course, the most convenient one and, assuming you don’t get an infection, you don’t have to worry about getting a new supply immediately.

Make sure you always have a suitable solution and eye drops for cleansing at hand. As long as your eyes are not too sensitive and you take good care of the contacts, this option is definitely the cheapest one

Remember the golden rule:

“Prevention is better than the cure”.

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