Korzhik Pro Mod apk download

The “Korzhik” game is based on the YouTube “I HATE Korzhik” entertainment program. “Korzhik” consists of different stages, around which the teams can compete against each other and score points. You can give names to the teams in advance, after which you can start playing. It is recommended to involve a maximum of two players in each team to make the game even more interesting. The stages are designed to compete against both the 1: 1 and the 2: 2 principles.

Korzhik Pro Mod apk download

Korzhik Pro Mod apk

They were designed taking into account both the format of the “I HATE Korzhik” program and the demand for entertainment games. You choose the sequence of stages. Make teams in a friendly environment, compete with each other, score points and understand who hates KORZHIK the most.

This is the complete version of “Korzhik”, where there is no advertisement, the “Mega Mind” stage is opened, the other stages are spiced with twice as many questions and words.

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