CAT HERO RPG Mod Apk Download

Eri grieves because her pet cat was killed in a car accident.
But an angel appears and tells Eri that if he wants to revive a dead cat, he goes to Isekai to become a hero and defeat the devil and save the world.
Because Eri loves her cat, she has accepted the angel’s offer and arrives at Isekai.
Isekai was an RPG world full of magic and fantasy, and Eri goes on a heroic adventure to revive her cat.
Raise the level and collect party members to start the RPG game to defeat the devil.

Introducing the authentic Isekai RPG cat Tkool game “Cat Hero RPG”
It is made of 100% Tkool, but it has created 2D+3D graphics that go beyond the limits of Tkool.
It boasts a simple and comfortable operation and a combat system for user convenience.
This is a full story game without additional payment, and once purchased, you can enjoy the game without additional payment from start to finish.

CAT HERO RPG Mod Apk Download

All manipulations can be done with a simple touch.
The game has a weapon upgrade system and a skill level up system that becomes stronger and more colorful as you use skills or magic.
In addition, there are numerous items in the game, and there are hidden secret bosses and subquests, and it boasts multi-ending that vary depending on the selection.
After ending the game, you may receive a rank depending on the gameplay quality.

Eri contracts with an angel to revive his cat, goes to Isekai and becomes a hero.
There are villains in Isekai who are trying to become devil kings.
Eri must play a RPG game with fellow cats and become stronger and save the world.

You can travel aboard the wide world, interact with new people and get items. Enjoy the new 3D Tkool RPG game.
A new type of 3D Tkool game Cat Hero RPG that you’ve never seen before

Users can improve game performance by adjusting options according to smartphone specifications.
Due to the nature of the 2D + 3D Tkool game, please play it on a smartphone device with at least 4GB RAM.
Enjoy the ultimate comic Tkool RPG game now!

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