AWKWARD Apk Download: Social Anxiety Endless Runner

AWKWARD Apk: Social Anxiety Endless Runner tests your instincts to avoid strangers and stick to your friend.

How To Play: Different people are coming towards you. You are supposed to be invisible to anyone except your friend. Click on screen to change your state. If you stay invisible to your friend or visible to strangers, game will end. The game starts slow but progressively increases its difficulty.


AWKWARD Apk Download: Social Anxiety Endless Runner

Friends: You can unlock different colored friend based on high score. There are total 6 colors – green, red, blue, yellow, orange and pink.

Scoring System: Every second of survival awards you one point. Try to break your own best score to improve your instincts.

I created this game to have a learning experience. I can certainly add more updates and features in case it is requested by users. In case you have some suggestions or queries, contact me at [email protected]

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